Tribal Print Inspired Embroidered Heart




About: I love to sew, and other crafty thing.

In my fashion design class I learned how embroider, which was really fun. The stitches that I used was a back stitch, and satin stitch. (and failed French knots)

Things you'll need:
*Embroidery needle
*Embroidery hoop
*Embroidery thread of choice
*Cotton napkin (or fabric of choice)

First I started by drawing a heart on the fabric with pencil and the tribal like designs. I liked the idea of some lines being uneven, to me it gives the work that handmade look. I split the 6 strand thread into 2 strands because to me its easier to work with and I got more thread out of it. I started at the tip of the heart and worked me way up with minimal mistakes using the black thread. All of the black stitches were back stitches except for the little dots at the top. Those dots were failed French knots and became really little X's. In my design I left a few rows empty so I could add color. The rows of color were made using a satin stitch that took forever to finish. Now you're done!!



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    aqua 12

    5 years ago

    This is so pretty