Trick Your Friends Into Thinking You Have Telekinesis

Introduction: Trick Your Friends Into Thinking You Have Telekinesis

About: My name is Hannah B, I'm 13, and I love to draw! You can see more of my drawings on my instagram! My username is @drawing.addict The end and stuff

Hello my little "hannimals"! :P Today I'm going to show you how to make a psi wheel. Yeah, this isn't really telekinesis. These are simple to make and if you follow the rules you can fool a bunch of people into thinking you have miiind poooweeerrrrs. Spooookyyyyyyyy

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Step 1: Stuff You Need...

~ a small square piece of paper
~ an eraser
~ a needle

Fold the paper in triangles... I don't really know any other name for it haha but it should look like the picture above.

Step 2:

."-'•*•_Stab the eraser with the pin. It doesn't need to be in deep. As long as its straight it should be ok. '.-*•.'

Step 3: Balancing

•'._^•*,'Ok, now you balance the paper on top of the needle. Get your hands warm (you can dip them in hot water or rub them together) after they're hot, cup your hands around it. The paper should start spinning around in a circle. OoooOOO!•.'-_*_|~.,. Concentrate on the paper and maybe wiggle your fingers majestically.

Step 4: Thanks for Reading!

~~~I hope you liked it! Feel fee to check out my other instructables ;) um just... not the galaxy nails one...haha that was the first one I made and I have no idea how to delete it. Eehhhh... But anyway, I'll try and post more! ~~~

enjoy this picture of my puppy (without eyebrows, this time XD)

Hastaaa luueegooo (^.^)/

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    3 Discussions

    That's an awesome trick! You should definitely wiggle your fingers majestically. Thanks for sharing!


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    All in the presentation. James Hydrick made a small career out of this sort of stuff, before being exposed. Once you figure out how to blow subtly and gently on it, you can do it from further away :) But keep the finger waggling, it gives a "reason" for the movement.


    5 years ago

    Great trick!

    Not that I feel that any instructable should be deleted, editing and enhanceing are always better in my opinion, but at least from the app, go to your published instructables, click on your instructable, and choose the trash can.