Trick or Treat Surprise




Introduction: Trick or Treat Surprise

Its not a trick OR a treat, its a trick AND a treat! The objective of the trick or treat surprise is for children to reach into a box expecting a handful of candy when instead the touching of the candy triggers a circuit which allows for a scary cardboard person to pop out with some sound effects! Therefore both a trick and a treat! This project will be completed by completing a simple circuit connecting a motor to a battery and a makey-makey.

Kids will come to this station anticipating to leave with some candy- but not without a scare! The face will be triggered as soon as the kid makes contact with the foil covering the candy. Not only does the face pop out of nowhere, but there are some scary sounds to go with it. Once the scare has been established the children will be allowed to leave with some candy..finally!

The objective of this project is to use basic circuit building to have fun. By been given a halloween theme, using the concept of candy was something that came instantly. Building the circuit and having the motor to lock will be a challenge, but a challenge definitely worth taking!!

Step 1: Materials

A big rectangular container (1)

Alligator clips (5)

Batteries (4)

Motor (1)

Lock (to stop motor) (cardboard made)

Scary object (image to be printed on cardboard)

Aluminium foil (1 roll)

MakeyMakey (1)

Candy (5 handfuls)

Step 2: Building the Circuit

Materials Needed-

  1. Batteries (3)
  2. Aluminium foil (one sheet)
  3. Aligator Clips (4)
  4. Motor
  5. Makey-Makey

Take 3 batteries and attach them together

Take alligator clip 1 and attach it to one open end of the battery

Attach the other end of alligator clip 1 to one end of the motor

Take alligator clip 2 and attach it to the other end of the battery

Attach the other end of alligator clip 2 to one end of the makey-makey

Take alligator clip 3 and attach it to the other end of the motor

Attach the other end of alligator clip 3 to aluminium foil

Take alligator clip 4 and attach it to the other end of makey-makey

Attach the other end of alligator clip 4 to a ball of rolled up aluminium foil (you can tear some of the sheet)

Put together the ball of aluminium foil with the sheet of aluminium foil to complete the circuit!

One the circuit is completed both the makey-makey and the motor come into action with the battery giving the motor its power

Step 3: Connecting the Circuit to the Box

In this step we will take the already completed circuit and attach it to the box. By doing this we have got the box to be a part of the live circuit.

Materials Needed-

The box

The complete circuit


Take the motor (without disrupting the circuit) and tape it securely to the back of the box (in the middle (horizontally) and up high (vertically) of the back-side)

Take the batteries (without disrupting the circuit) and place them under the motor (no need for taping)

Behind the box (on the side of the motor) place the makey-makey and computer not within sight of the the person standing in front of the box

Step 4: The Scary Face

In this step we will attach the face to the cardboard and then attach it to the motor. After doing that we place a lock to make sure that the face stays up.

Materials Needed-

The face (printed out)


The the printed out face and stick it to cardboard of a similar size

Make a hole the size of the propeller of the motor in the cardboard

Place the cardboard into the propeller of the motor

Tape it securely

Fold and tape some cardboard to act as a lock

Place and then tape securely the 'lock' to the top of the motor

When this is done- the cardboard with the photo should stop at the top due to the lock

Step 5: The Makey-makey

In this step we will make the makey-makey functional.




Attach the makey-makey to the computer using the cable provided with the makey-makey

On the computer open scratch

On scratch go to events and drag the "when space is pressed" block to the paper on the right

Then go to sound and drag the "play sound" block to the paper

Go to sounds and select the male scream sound

On the "play sound" block in the paper select the male scream sound instead of the meow

In the events section drag the wait 1 sec block to the paper

If you want you can drag the play sound block again to have the sound play twice

Now the makey-makey is ready to go

Step 6: Test It!

Now all thats left is to test the product!!

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    2 years ago

    I love those kinds of candy bowls :) There are some neat ones with hands that pop out too.