Tricolor Tagliatelle




Introduction: Tricolor Tagliatelle

tipical italian pasta dish with the colours of the italian flag.
I used three dough to make the different colours. The sauce is also inspired by the tricolor

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Step 1: Ingredients

500g all-porpouse flour
1 egg
60g spinach
tomato sauce
seed oil

tomato sauce
basil leaves
parmesan cheese
olive oil 

Step 2: Starting the Dough

start to boil the spinach with some salt since it takes time (about 15 minutes until they became soft) you can start to work the pasta in the meanwhile

put 300g of flour in a bowl
add the egg and mix until the dough has the appearence shown in the third image
add 1/1and a half glass of water little by little every time the dough gets dry
after working the dough for some time you should obtain a ball like the one shown
now let the dough rest for some minutes after covering it with a cloth

Step 3: The Green Dough

split the dough in three portions (one for every colour). The portion for the white dough doesn't need any more work but it must be a bit bigger than the other two since you are going to add more flour to them

drain the boiled spinach and squeeze them
incorporate the spinach to the first portion of the dough
work the dough until it becomes homogenous and tight(you have to add more flour)

Step 4: The Red Dough

gradually add some tablespoon of tomato sauce to the last portion of dough until it gets the desired colour
when the dough gets stiky add some flour to dry it up

Step 5: How to Make Tagliatelle

roll out the three dough separatly
they must turn out very thin with a rectangular shape
while doing so you must continually add flour
roll up the three doughs onto themselfs and cut them trasversally every centimeter or so (look at the images)

Step 6: The Sauce

brown the onion with a bit of olive oil
add the tomato sauce and cook it

Step 7: Enjoy!

cook the pasta in boiling water with salt and a bit of seed oil until the pasta raises to the surface of the water
serve it with the sauce, the parmesan cheese and the basil leaves

Buon Appetito!

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    2 Discussions

    It sounds like you added tomato sauce and spinach for the color. Did it add much taste to the pasta itself?


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    I tasted the three dough, the coloured ones were quite tasty but after cooking them I didn't notice a big difference.