As I am abscessed with Star Trek I decided to make a Star Trek based Arduino project. I first went out and started to build a "Tricorder". A "Tricorder" is the small handheld sensory device that the Star Trek crew uses. I bought some sensors, a Nokia 5500 LCD, and a Wii nunchuck with a wiichuck adapter . It started off pretty good but one of my sensors got burnt out so as you cant have a "Tricorder: without sensors I switched my idea to what I call a "console". It still will have sensors and data log them onto a micro SD card but it will do much more. It will tell time/date with a sainsmart RTC. It will play pong with the Wii Nunchuck. It will be a musical synthesizer. And it will be a remote control for a quad copter that I am in the process of building.
1. An Arduino. I used an Arduino Mega 2560 because I needed more ports but a Uno may work. I got my Mega 2560 from sainsmart:  $23
2. A Nokia 5500 LCD from Adafruit:  $10
3. Wii Nunchuck from Adafruit:  $15
4. Nunchucky adapter from Adafruit:  $3
5. DHT22 humidity and temperature sensor from Adafruit:  $12
6. Sparkfun micro SD shield:  $15
7. Sainsmart RTC:  $9
8. Any speaker. $2
Total: $99

1. Not much other than wires and a soldering iron.

1) I first soldered the Nokia LCD, Micro SD shield, Nunchucky, and Sainsmart RTC. 1.5 Hours
2) I then wired the Nokia LCD to the Arduino. A very detailed wiring guide is found here (Thanks Adafruit):  1 Hour
3) Next I wired the Sainsmart RTC and read the tutorial. This tutorial is for the Sparkfun RTC but it works just fine for the Sainsmart RTC. The tutorial is found here: 30 Minutes
4) I then wired the DHT22 sensor. Simply connect the first pin on the left to 3-5V power, the second pin to your data input pin and the right most pin to ground. Wiring is also found on the Adafruit product page 5 Minutes
5) I then wired the Nunchucky adapter. It is very simple to wire. GND goes to ground. 3.3v goes to a 3.3 volt power supply. Data goes to SDA and CLK goes to SCL. 5 Minutes
6) I popped in a speaker next. 2 Minutes
7) Next I found the needed libraries. 1. The best Nunchucky library I could find was made by Gabriel Bianconi. The Library is found here: 2. The Nokia LCD library is found on Github:  3. The DHT22 sensor library is found on Github:  1 hour 
8) And then it was on to coding. 2-3 Days
Total: 3 days, 3 Hours, and 12 Minutes.

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