Introduction: TR18

the most up to date designs are pictured near the end of the slideshow



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    my pin guide stops the ram from going back. the stock is blocking the grey connectors on the slide also. any ideas

    I finally got around to building this... It's really amazing. Kudos to you, KIllerk.

    Having a bit of trouble.. my turret is spinning so i cant shoot the bullets...

    This is the most amazing, powerful gun I have ever built. Great job KillerK!

    Firstly I would like to say this is an amazing gun, and have rated it 5*.

    So I built this yesterday after what I hoped to be a brief return trip to the world of k'nex, and decided to add a few modifications over the weekend...

    I have added a reinforced stock similar to the one on your TR8, and a Mepain style scope. I am also thinking about adding another wider barrel onto the end (after the turret) to make it more sniper-ish...

    Also, at longer range, using normal ammunition (white rods) do your projectiles swerve right slightly?

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    thanks you man!
    as for the projectiles shooting to the right... i haven't had that issue but experiment around and see what works best for you... if your still having problems get back with me : )
    as for the gun you have there... LOOKIN GOOD man : ) lol have a good one bro!

    i made this gun and it has a modded front to where you can take the 18 shot turret out and put an 8 shot turret in or just make it single shot and it shoots around 250ft 5*

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    My TR-18 has an extended stock and a mini-scope. I used your pics and it came out great! I added enough rubber bands to shoot a hole clear through a Pepsi can!!