Triforce Chocolate Container

this is my final, A container for chocolates in the shape of the Triforce from Nintendos "Legend or Zelda" it can be used as an everyday thing cause everyone needs chocolates. not much into everyday things. since I don't see any everyday thing I need such as boxes or stands I have nothing in mind to create, so I made this small container as a prototype for a company that wants to make containers for a popular brand of chocolates.

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Step 1:

unzip folder

Step 2:

print on selected paper product

Step 3:

Cut out on the black lines and fold at the green lines

Step 4:

Put selected chocolates inside

Step 5:

Add adhesive to inside sides so that they stick

Step 6:

prototype end product

paint with the yellow triforce. leave middle open for name and company name.

maybe make out of tin.

allow four chocolates to fit inside

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    3 years ago

    Great idea to make a box the same size and shape as chocolates! Do you have a picture of the chocolates or a recipe to make them? Maybe that could be your next instructable!