Trimming Cucumber Into Flower Homemade Tomato Rose DIY Red Flowers Garnish

Trimming cucumber into flower Homemade Tomato Rose DIY Red Flowers Garnish

, you need to prepare the following materials:

- 1 fresh cucumber, 1 small carrot

- Knives trimming

- 1 white plate

Cucumber wash, cut short then halved lengthwise, using a knife cut into thin slices 0,2cm (not cut), cut 5 contiguous slices melon, you cut off.

2 slices of melon head roll (second and fourth) in shaping stylized petals. Similarly, you add 4 petals trimming left to forming flowers. Set 5 petals close up on white saucer shaped flowers. Cut carrots 1 small round sample placed between the flowers do pistil. 10 slices of melon knife put thin round circle decorative flowers more beautiful.

Looks beautiful flowers should not you? With simple pruning,
you easily and quickly trimmed cucumber into beautiful flowers decorated dishes, decorations for the family dinner table more attractive and lively.



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