Trio Walking Aid

Introduction: Trio Walking Aid

The objective of this project is to create a product that helps to

assist the senior citizen or elderly with weaker leg as well as therapy for walking, standing and stair climbing. First of all, trio walking aid is 3-in-1product where user can conveniently change into 3 different types of walking aid.

It is portable and user friendly where user with weaker leg problem is able to use it indoor and outdoor to the extent of their convenience.

It helps to supports the user in walking, standing as well as climbing up the staircase.

It helps to solve the problem of senior citizen who are weaker in their legs and problem in walking. This prototype can serve as walking stick when the senior citizen needs to support in walking. It can transform into a crutch if one of the senior citizen legs is injured. The prototype can even help the senior citizen to climb up staircase where it provides intermediate step as well as support to the senior citizen.

The target user that are using the prototype are not only senior citizen, it also serve as a walking aid to the injured and disabled people.

Old folks homes, hospital and other equivalent charity organization that having mission in taking care people as mentioned above may need the products too.

The uniqueness of this prototype is 3-in-1. User can just change the feature manually to suit and customized to their needs.

In the current market, there are limited and affordable tools that help disabled people to climb up the staircase. This prototype offer a solution for those who need support while walking and can conveniently climb up the staircase by just easily transform the walking stick into the staircase climber.

We have test the prototype by inviting different weight of people using the prototype. The users walked through normal flat road as well as climbing the staircase. The prototype helps to support a wide range of weight.

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Step 1: ​Using Autodesk Fusion 360 to Create the Design

We use the Fusion 360 software to be tested and checked for errors before we fabricate the walking aid. Attached are snapshot of design process in Autodesk Fusion 360 CAD.

Step 2: How Does It Works

We then use the fabricated product to show how the product may looks like in the real time environment.

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    4 Discussions


    16 days ago

    Don't you think it would be very unstable for someone to use it as a half-step?


    25 days ago

    I am sorry, but I can't vote for this, as it's not an Instructable. No materials needed, no tools, not even a working example. The purpose behind Instructables is to share something which others can make or do. I love the half-step idea, which could be aircraft grade aluminum (assuming users' weight under a certain amount), but again, I can't vote for you as no one else can make it, as there are no instructions.


    7 weeks ago

    Do you have a working prototype?


    Question 7 weeks ago

    How heavy will it be?