Trip Wire, Snow Prank





Introduction: Trip Wire, Snow Prank

This prank is a set up in which a person will trigger a box of snow to fall over their head. This is a very simple prank and only requires rope, a card board box, a place to do the prank and snow (or a substitute such as dirt, leaves, grass etc.) I use snow in the video because that was the easiest thing to use at the time of making it. Its pretty easy to set up and should get a pretty good reaction from your victim. 



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    3 Discussions

    You could just leave the box of snow up there without the trip wire, and watch as they tried to get it down (and have it fall on their face)

    Hilarious.....I wish there were snow where I live, it'd be fun to pull this one on my brother-in-law.

    I would never fix a box full of snow on that part of the house... it's a bad idea! The soffit is not intended to support anything...