Triple Circle Wire Earrings



Introduction: Triple Circle Wire Earrings

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Wirework projects can take a lot of shapes and sizes. Sometimes, it can become a dragon. Other times, it's a time turner. This time, three differently sized circles formed an abstract earring design. While I don't usually make earrings, circles are in the list of basic geometric shapes I like to incorporate in my designs. Other geometric shapes are a lot easier to join, but that's part of challenge that makes every project exciting!

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Step 1: Materials

- Wire / I used silver plated copper wire of 0,5 mm, 1,2 mm, and 1,4 mm
- Pliers
- Earring hooks
- Cylindrical objects / try to look for three different diameters - for reference, my biggest circle had a diameter of about 1,5 cm

Step 2: Circle Number 1

To bend the first circle, take your thickest wire and wrap it around one of the cylinders. I'd recommend starting with the biggest circle. Wrap a bit more than a whole circle, this will make it easier to get a round circle when cutting off the ends and closing the circle.

Step 3: Adding 2 and 3

Repeat this for the second and third circle on two smaller cylinders.

Step 4: Joining

Cut off a piece of the thinnest wire and, starting with the middle, make four wraps around the biggest and the middle circle. When wrapping, try to make sure that the circles stay next to each other. After the four coils, the circles will start moving away from each other too much, so continue by coiling around the middle sized circle a few times before ending the wire.

Without doing this, the four middle wraps won't be tight enough to properly hold the circles in place. Use this middle wrapped part to hide the end of the middle circle in.

Step 5: More Connections

Repeat the last step to add the smallest circle as well. A third piece of wire can be used to connect the small circle to the biggest circle. I deliberately chose not to make any coils other than those of the middle parts on the smallest circle, since the area you're working with is already quite a bit smaller than on the other circles.

Step 6: The Last Bit of Bending

Using the 1,2 mm wire, bend a loop to add the pendant to the earring hook. To get a bit more creative with this and let the pendant hang nicely, you could try bending an 8 loop (or variation on that) as shown in the pictures in this step.

Repeat all the previous steps to make the second earring and turn it into a pair!

Step 7: Final Result

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