The Charger, the Planter, and the MP3er

Intro: The Charger, the Planter, and the MP3er

This instructable is a tripleation and thus, it shall have three parts:

**PART 1**
I wanted to get some school credit(home schooled :D ) so I looked into Hydroponics and found this wonderful instructable that was perfect for me. Unfortunately I need tomatoes and the seedling won't fit in an egg carton, so BEHOLD! The YogurtPlanter9000! 'Tis made of two yogurt containers, one for the base and one for the plant to sit on and a debris shield. The plant is grown in tissue paper above a water reservoir that keeps the TP moist.
Pictures 1-3

**PART 2**
I was browsing YouTube and ran into the greatest song in history, so I downloaded it but couldn't play it, 'twas thus required that I resurrect my broken mp3 player. I opened it up and found the problem to be the battery, so I replaced the old 3.7V 100mAh battery with one from a Nintendo DS with 1000mAh!
Pictures 4&5

**PART 3**
To conveniently power this device, I needed a USB charger(I did not have one), so I took a suitable 5V Power Supply and added a USB port. Simple as that.
The rest of the pictures



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    4 Discussions

    three what ?
    yoghurt ? computer ? shade ? breen pig ? power supply ?...
    where are the instructions, the how-to ?…
    You're just fooling yourself.

    Below the title and pictures are lots and lots of words that explain what it all means. And I didn't think to document anything until after I made these three devices and noticed there wasn't much time left, so I through together one of the least comprehensive, most confusing 'ibles I have yet seen in an attempt to maybe get a vote or two in a few contests... and regret it.