Triple End Extender

Introduction: Triple End Extender

This product is specifically for earrings. It's designed like the peace symbol. One side is for metal bullet backs, one side is for metal bullet backs with the plastic stopper, and the other side is for silicone rubber backs. You place which ever back piece you need for your earring in the correct side of the extender and line it up with the back of your earring. After you have the extender directly in front of where the earring is, you just push it on to your earring. To make sure it's completely on, you turn the extender slightly, then pull it away from your ear. For people with arthritis or long nails putting on earrings can be a hassle, especially since earring backs are so small. The triple end extender will make a task like this much easier.

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    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    I made it in inventor and used a 3D printer to print it.