Triple Fast Knit Hat and Cowl Set

Introduction: Triple Fast Knit Hat and Cowl Set

This is variation of the pattern I use when making simple hat and cowl sets for myself and homeless people in my area. The pattern in the following instructions are straight forward enough for a beginner knitter who wants to try their hand at a knitting in the round project. It is possible to change this pattern to use a single strand of yarn by just using smaller sized needles (I recommend a size 6 US) Please try this pattern out and if you (or someone you know) don't need a hat and cowl set, give it to a homeless person who would like a little extra warmth in their lives.

Step 1: ​MATERAILS: 

worsted weight yarn

Step 2: ​TOOLS:

2 sets (4 or 5 needles) of size 10.5 double point needles (I needed 6 needles to knit this hat and cowl set)

Stitch marker

Yarn needle


A size 11 needle (to bind off the cowl)

scissors or yarn cutter

Step 3: Tripling Your Yarn

Start with about 2 yards of yarn (don’t cut it from the skein) and fold it into 3 sections. You will be able to pull more through the loop at the end to make even more 3 strand yarn as you run out.

Step 4: Getting Gauge

Get your gauge. Use your tripled yarn to cast 12 stitches and knit about 5 rows Use your ruler to measure and count an inches worth of stitches. (mine came out to 3 stitches to the inch) Now for the math I make my hats for a 22-23 inch head and you will want to be able to divide the results by 5 for when you get to the crown. So in my case it’s 23 X 3 = 69 adding in a stitch so 70 stitches.

Step 5: Getting Started

This part will work for both the cowl and the hat. With your tripled and using your preferred cast on method (I use one called a back loop starting with a slip knot) cast on the amount of stitches you got from Step 4 (in my case 70) mark the end/beginning of your round and start knitting for 6-7 inches for the hat and 10 inches for the cowl.

Step 6: Finishing Off

For the cowl just loosely bind off with a size 11 needle and weave in ends. For the hat. Split your stitches into 5 groups. Knit together the first 2 stitches (k2tog) of each group for this round and knit the next round. Repeat this until there are only 5 stitches are left in each group in a k2tog round. Cut yarn and thread it onto your yarn needle. Slip stitches from double points over yarn needle forming a sort or draw string and sew shut.

Step 7:

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