Triple Pencil Case



Introduction: Triple Pencil Case

Try to understand my bad explaining :/

Step 1: What You Need

(At least one design of denim or canvas for the outside and whatever fabric you want for the lining)
•net pencil case
(You can probably make this easily but i already had one)
•fabric pens, buttons or anything you want to decorate it (optional) i used a pocket out from old jeans.

•sewing machine and needle and thread.

Step 2: Cut the Fabric

I drew the shapes that you need, 2 23x24cm squares for the lining, 2 23x14cm rectangles for the outside and 2 23x12cm rectangles for the inside.

Step 3: Sew the Pockets

Put one 23x12cm rectangle and one 23x14cm right sides together and sew the bottom. Then fold one of the lining pieces around and sew the sides up.

Step 4: Fold the Edges

Turn it the right way out and then fold over the edge of the short side. On the long side sew the lining onto the outside but leave the edge loose thats where you need to sew on the zip.

Step 5: Zip

Sew the zip on the long edges that you left.

Step 6: Middle Pocket

You have to hand sew this part. Use big stitches and thick thread to sew the middle pocket in between the other 2.

Step 7: Zip

If your zips too long then sew it around like a handle.

Step 8: Decorations

Sew/draw on whatever decorations you want

Step 9: Done :)

I like pencil cases like this because you can have different pens in each section so they're easy to get out.

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