Tripod: (3D Printed Components)

Introduction: Tripod: (3D Printed Components)

Last year i made an iPhone mount and named it "The Mayan Mount". This year i have decided to take it a step further and make the entire tripod. I have token my iPhone mount and few other materials and i will be shooting my movie with the tripod this year.

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Step 1: Materials

Materials i used to create the tripod are as follows:

1- Metal bar (Found in scrap bin)
1- Small dollar store tripod ( Used for top attachable piece)
1- Tripod ( It was an old one that did not have the connector on the top making it useless)
1- iPhone camera count ( )
As many nuts and screws you need to attach the things you want to the mount.

I also used some power tools including a drill and a saw to cut the pipe.

Step 2: Step One: Preparing the Metal

Take the pipe and cut it to the length you would like. I cut mine to 20".

I then decided what i was going to put on my mount and how i was going to attach them.

i drilled 3 holes in the bar, one for the iphone, one to mount it to the tripod and another for the microphone.

Step 3: Step 2: 3D Printing

I had to 3D print 3 things. i printed the adapter for the tripod that was missing, the adapter for the microphone so that it was easy to attach and detach from the mount and i also printed a much smaller but still very stable iPhone mount. If you wish to learn how to model these you can look back at my other videos or message me for the files.

Step 4: Assembly

After 3D printing and getting everything ready, than assemble the mount.

Step 5: The End

You have no created a mount to be proud of. There are endless possibilities with this mount. Have fun and i hope the quality of your videos is greatly improved.

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