Under UV Light Duct Tape Tripod Compass

Introduction: Under UV Light Duct Tape Tripod Compass

I made this with cute zebra stripe duct tapeisn't a color, but for UV as I understand it, just needs to glow interestingly under a black light? I can remove the ones not under a black light is they disqualify this project?

You will need:
Duct tape
Iron or steel needle
Thread or long hair

Also maybe a magnet if the needle is not prepared ahead in your Altoids survival kit. I suggest to have your needle already polarized in your kit; it won't take away from stitching anything. Just take care and not dull your needle, stitches would hurt worse that way!   :}

I twisted the tape into a straw shape, after dabbing one long edge of each of the 3 leg pieces on the inside edge with toilet paper so it doesn't stick to itself. That way it won't stay flattened if you pack and carry it with you. I didn't want to wrap it around anything because it would be light and easier to carry this way and I don't see straws being brought into the wilderness, but straw would be good if you do bring some with you on your trip, or sticks. Then I taped the tops of the legs together and tied the needle onto the thread (should have maybe taped it a tiny bit because it is easy to loose a needle in the woods (I guess I shouldn't be pointing out flaws...lol).Like a needle in a haystack as it were. Then I taped the top of the thread onto the inside of the top of the tripod. That's it, easy!! Not a Kayak for sure.

To magnetize or polarize the needle you rub it over the magnet, in one direction, for quite a while to make it as strong as you can because the earth's magnetic field isn't very strong.

Good Luck everyone and hope this was as fun for you a it was for me,

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