Tripod Mount for Camera-Phone

Introduction: Tripod Mount for Camera-Phone

(If I win the laser cutter contest, I'll give it to a high school or college near me with the provision that I can use it to make science experiments.  I've been a student teacher in shop classes, and a mentor in 1st robotics. I think the laser cutter would be a great addition to a school. It could help bring together science, engineering and shop classes. For examples of my science projects, see any of my -ibles with "physics" in the title)

Drill a hole in the end of a yardstick. Then saw off a few inches, and sandpaper or file rough edges + corners.

It's usually better to drill the stock while it's long, so there's something to hold/clamp. Short pieces have a tendency to spin with the drillbit. It's safer to drill the stick while it's long.

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Step 1:

Use string to lash the  1/4-20 wingnut to the wood.  Frap the lashings to tighten them up. Use hot glue to secure the windings.

Step 2:

Rubber band phone to the wood.  It can now be mounted on a tripod, camera c-clamp, or the special compact base I made. The base is a block of wood scupted by means of belt sander.  The curves make it more comfortable in a back pocket.   A tripod head is mounted to it with a 1/4-20  T-nut.

Now you have a convenient portable way to mount your phone-cam. Useful for hiking, or documenting instructables.  The best camera, as they say, is the one with you.

Step 3:

Another option for this is aluminum.  
Here's a pic from my other instructable:
Aluminum is nice, and would work well for the cell phone mount.  I was out of it, however, which is why I used the wingnut + yardstick.

This sort of device really helps when making an instructable that you want both your hands in picture.  You don't have to hold the phone/ camera in your mouth, nor enlist someone's help.

Please don't consider this last step as part of this -ible.  Vote only as far as the wood-string-wingnut project goes.  I missed the deadline with the aluminum one, but wanted to include it as an option for you folks. It certainly will be more durable.

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