Introduction: Tripod Tips - TRICKS AND TECHNIQUES!

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A small compilation of some of the best tricks one can do with their tripod. Remember that the quality of your tripod and fluid head will have an affect on how well these tricks work.

Audio was captured on a ZOOM H1 handy recorder at 48kHz, while the video was captured on a Sony HX9V at 1080/60p.Camera B footage was shot on an iPod Touch 4G.




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    5 Discussions

    Great information, and entertaining video! I really liked the fake dolly/jib idea. You might want to consider using a less startling transition sound effect, though -- I was starting to feel the need for a flak jacket! Thanks!

    The over-shoulder stabilizer is an amazing trick, thanks!

    Yep, I have to agree. A very professional video, great editing and a few more useful tricks than I had heard of before. Great job and thank you for posting.