Trolley for Firewood Logs




Introduction: Trolley for Firewood Logs

Bringing firewood indoor always make a lot of dirts.

For that reason I built two trolleys for logs that can pass through the doors and have the exact size of the firewood niche.

I built two of them so that firewood can dry one or two weeks more in the garage if it is little bit humid.

Step 1: The Base

To build the base of one unit you need :

  • an iron steel plate 4 mm thick. Dimension may vary depending of your niche, mine are 750 mm x 490 mm
  • 6 square iron steel tubes : 30 mm x 30 mm x 100 mm (2mm thick)
  • 6 square iron steel tubes : 25 mm x 25 mm x 2m (2mm thick) (check they can fit inside the 100 mm tubes)
  • 4 mobile wheel (not fixed wheel, they can turn on Z axis at 360 °)

Sold the 100 mm tubes on the plate. One in the middle, the other 10 cm from the borders.

Drill holes to fix the wheels. Fix them with strong nuts and bolts.

Step 2: The Bottom

The bottom is made of wood and has some borders to prevent dirt falling on the ground.

Cut some holes at positions of the square tubes.

Glue and fix small vertical boards between the holes.

Step 3: The Rear

Add some rear boxes again to prevent dirts and logs falling behind.

I built them in several parts which can fit into each other. So you can remove them as and when the firewood height goes low.

You can use that space to put small branches for fire start.

Step 4: The Hat

Make a hat with a wooden plate and 6 angles.

The angle should fit in the tubes and maintain them in place.

Put some sections at the top of your niche wall so that the tubes stay vertical when you remove the hat.

Step 5: Light the Fire !

No dirts no fight with your wife ;-)

Light the fire and enjoy it !

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