Tron Bit Paper Models




Introduction: Tron Bit Paper Models

An employee of Instructables contacted me and encouraged me to post this set of three paper models which I recently featured on my blog. Since I hadn't planned on posting on Instructables I didn't have photos of the construction of the models to do a step-by-step, so I thought a slide show would be the next best thing. These models start as PDF templates which are printed on cardstock. The pieces are then cut out with an exacto knife, folded and glued together. Instructions on how to build the models are included with the PDF files which can be downloaded from my blog at:

[ Tektonten Papercraft]

There are also several more of my papercraft designs available for download on my blog. Most of my model designs tend to be movie prop related.



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    neeet! i am going to make one tommorow! i just have one question, do you have to have a specific printer or something?

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    Check his blog (link is in the text) - the downloads are there, and include instructions.

    The Bit was the best part of Tron 1.0. It looks like it is in Tron 2.0 but it's not in the previews I saw.
    "Uh oh. We're going to hit that wall!!"
    "No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No!"

    That's pretty slick.  Although if it has a third state aside from yes and no(or on and off, 1 or 0) shouldn't it be a q-bit? 

    Seriously though that's pretty cool.  I love TRON, my wife thinks I'm nuts.  Have you see the free printable paper models of a recognizer from the movie on starship modeler?  Colored or non colored.

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    who ever like nintendo and paper crafts should go to a web site called

    is there any possible way that you could make the instructions a little bit more step-by-step? for example, give one demonstration on how to do it so we have a point of reference.

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    I would be happy to make more detailed instructions, but I need more information on exactly what you are looking for. Do you need specific instructions for each one of the different Bit configurations or would it suffice if I just showed the steps in making one of the configurations so that you can see the general papercraft building principles that are used for all the models?

    Very tidy - what do you call the blue one? The Film: I find it amusing that people spent hours (days/weeks/months?) using regular animation techniques to simulate low-end computer graphics that were yet to come. L

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    Try Years. The only way that Disney had to do this film was to have a programmer do each frame (yes program, there were no GUI's back then remember?) and then move a camera up to the screen and snap a picture. 24 frames per second in a movie that was 90% inside the computer. That is a lot of pictures. Thank $deity for 3D Max.

    For lack of a better term, I called the blue one a "neutral" bit (i.e. neither "yes" or "no"). If you are referring to the shape, the blue one is, technically speaking, a compound of a icosahedron and a dodecahedron.

    Thanks, it was the specific -dron name I was interested in, because I couldn't work out what it was. L

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    True AWESOMENESS! TRON is my favorite movie of all time and this just made my day! I would love to make these for my TRON propaganda collection.