Tron Fan




Introduction: Tron Fan

Make your boring ceiling fan look like something from the movie Tron.

You will need:
Any boring ceiling fan.
Some glow-in-the-dark paint, or glow-tape.
Something to clean the blades off with
A ladder
A phillips screwdriver

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Step 1: Remove the Blades

Notice this ceiling fan... 

How ugly,
how ordinary.

So first we remove the fan blades. Sometimes there is a twist-type screw which holds the blade in place, but usually there are 3 phillips screws.

Step 2: Clean the Blades

Pretty much all standard ceiling fan blades are double-sided. Meaning, one side is faux wood-grain and the other is a flat white-ish color. Since this is going to be in my office, I'd rather go with a more modern color to go with my cheap Walmart furniture, so we'll flip the blades over to the white side, and clean them off with clorox-wipes.

Step 3: Tape Guides

Since I'll be using glow-in-the-dark paint, I'll need to use tape to make sure I paint in straight lines.

You will want these lines to be precisely the same distance from the edges of the blades, and as parallel as possible, otherwise your circle will end up very blurry.

Should you have access to some glow-tape then you won't have to worry about this. But alas, my city is too cool for glow-tape, and I'm far to impatient to order some. Since this ancient bottle of glow-paint still works, glow-paint it shall be...

One advantage of paint though, is that you can find it in many colors, including blue. You could mix the blue and green colors to reach the 'Tron teal' which is a surprisingly nice looking neon color. Again, I'm too impatient to order some blue glow-paint, so here we go with green...

Step 4: Paint the Blades

I put about 5 layers down with this paint, since the paint goes on so thinly. The thicker the paint the better the luminosity will be.

This is when you should make sure your wife is otherwise detained. Should she find you painting the fan-blades at this point, she will not understand the awesomeness that you are trying to create.

Once you are done painting, allow an extra amount of time for this to dry, or you will end up with a glowing ring around your walls... Which may be a cool thing, I don't know.... Maybe next time.

Step 5: Re-install

Re-install the fan blades with the awesome side down.

You are done!

Notice the glow-paint on white is barely visible, thus the fan looks fairly normal during the day, and nobody is the wiser.... until the lights are out.

My camera doesn't really do this justice. Having a black-light in the room keeps the glow-paint charged indefinitely, so the effect doesn't fade. And of course, keeping the fan at the highest speed is best for the consistency of the circles.

Should you need to, the glow-paint is very easy to rub off of the fan blades (or most other surfaces). Otherwise, you can enjoy glowing fan-blades for many years to come, no batteries required.

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    I did something like this awhile ago, only I stuck one of those glow in the dark stars on each blade along with the ceiling. It looks really cool when I turn on my blacklight


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Hm, if you're going to go the electronics route, one could also make psychedelic fans - add some pulsing disco-esque colors and watch it whirl! My problem is, if I tried a Tron project like this, I'd be too tempted to coat my whole room in the symbols. It would look pretty cool...


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    You were a bit ahead of me until I caught up, but that does sound good (I hope to see good submissions to the contest)



    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    I'd love to enter that contest, but haven't had a chance to order wire and won't before I go on vacation - too bad...I had a few ideas I'd like to try. Ah well. But on that note, I'd like to see another EL contest near Christmas / Politically-Correct-Winter-Holiday Time. I can think of dozens of nifty decorations to rig up off the top of my head. Halloween would be also be a good time if incorporated into a costume contest.