Tron Light Disk (EL Wire Soon!)

Introduction: Tron Light Disk (EL Wire Soon!)

Your very own Tron light disk, i wanted to be realistic and usable so but instead i went with sheet metal >=)

The light disk is made of 26ga steel sheet metal and is wicked sharp, i used an angle thing we had in our office and found that the ed length is in fact about 20 degrees, which, once sharpened (like we did), could de-rezz all your friends.

Yea don't due that i cut myself just holding this ting it could easily kill somebody and needs to be treated as a weapon.

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Step 1: Materials and Tools

You'll need the following tools:
tin snips
hot glue or a tackwelder
a plate a bowl and an appetizer plate

You'll need these materials:
10" by 24" inch by 26 ga sheet metal
paint if you like
velcro sticky tabs
1 inch by 1/4 aluminuim tube
1/4 spring low tension
a bolt
a SMALL hinge

Step 2: The Basic Design

the basic design, so basically, if we make a circle and cut out the inside then fold it over itself it forms a cone.
then from the circle we cut out, we cut another circle from that, and fold that too.
then invert itself into the first cone.
and it forms on half of the disk then we make another and put it on the other side.

the first disk should b 1 inch wide adn teh second on should be 2 inches wide, both should overlap themselves 2 inches.

I did mine on paper as i already made the metal one =(

Step 3: The More Complex Side

so once you make the first side the second is much harder.

so first maek the outside disk the same as the last side and glue it on.

then make the inner circle and instead of gluying it on, glue it to our hihe then lue the inge to the outer shell, then lue a peice of metal of the hinge so its less obvious

after that your going to want to fold a few metal scraps that are 2 inches long, into 90 degree angle. then glue those onto the inside of the triangular edge and glue the Velcro onto that. then glue the top side of the Velcro onto the edge on the hinged part so it will lock down somewhat.

Step 4: Even Further Complex

Ok so for this part you'll need the aluminoium pipe the spring and the bolt and some glue
so glue the spring in the pipe then glue the bolt to the spring, it creates a push lock.

then glue the push lock onto the opposite end from the hinge, this will make it so you can open and close the disk, for repairs or, when it arrives, EL wire.

Step 5: Your Finished Sort Of

Go ahead and paint yours i prefer black but i ran out, so i did silver and red, but in th future im doing black with blue EL wire. its a pretty cool looking disk but l wire will make it awesome. challenge

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    Clayton H.
    Clayton H.

    8 years ago on Introduction

    It looks good but what you actually made was an identity disk.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks, i wish i had better pictures though, its painted no and a lot of the defects in color are gone haha


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Your welcome! Cool!!