Tropical Chocolate Pudding



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Intro: Tropical Chocolate Pudding

Warm chocolate pudding with mango and orange flavored in it and baked inside orange peel? Count me in! ;-)

Step 1: Orange Peel Mold

Slice top of an orange (the recipe is enough to make 4 pudding)

Then take out orange meat by running through a knife as shown on picture and pulling out the meat with a spoon

Wrap each orange with foil and prepare the pudding.

Step 2: Pudding

3 1/2 squares of Baker's semi sweet baking chocolate, melted

3 tbsp + 1 tsp milk

3 yolks

1 sachet of Mango and Orange powdered drink, such as from Tropicana

1 egg white

2 tbsp cornstarch or potato starch

Hot boiling water as needed

Mix melted chocolate with milk, yolk and powdered drink plus cornstarch until smooth

Beat egg white until stiff then mix into chocolate mixture

Fill in orange cavities

Step 3: Bain Marie

Place pudding into a square pyrex and fill up the pyrex with hot water until halfway full

Bake pudding at preheated 350 F for 20-25 minutes

Enjoy :)



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