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Hi today I'm going to make a tropical flower design that is very easy,and would look very nice on a card,So let's go on

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Step 1: What Do We Need

-Pencil (optional)
3 colors of color pencils

Step 2: Rough Sketch

Draw a rough sketch of your choice of flower.It doesn't matter how it looks but in the final it will look awesome do this if you want to it's not that you have to make a rough sketch

Step 3: Final Sketch

I want to break this Instructable to different steps so you understand. By the way outline it with a sharpie or any permanent marker

Step 4: Coloring the Middle

Color the middle with a color,Remember you cannot use that color again or any color

Step 5: Color Part 2

Color the border of the petals like I did but DO NOT color the middle so you can color the rest

Step 6: Color the Midde

Now color the middle with a lighter or any color so if you color it a little bit by mistake on the other color it's not visible so color the middle

Step 7: Done

Make as many as you want any questions? Comment.The flower will look beautiful

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