Tropical Fruit Punch (Mocktail)

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 Wether its for a cocktail party or christmas dinner this tropical fruit punch
that will delight youre freinds and family, its easy, with virtualy no cleanup,
this mocktail will be in the spotlight of youre next party!

Step 1: What You'll Need

To make this delightfull treat you will need:

* Oranges
* Guayabas
* Hibiscus
* Sugar
* Raisins
* Cinnamon
* You can also add other tropical fruits like pineapple
* Boiled water

All the ingrediants are added to taste.

Step 2: Cook It

Add the hibuscus petals and cook untill red (observe picture)
In the meantime slice the fruits.
Strain out the petals.
Add the sliced fruits and the raisins.
Cook till the raisins are done(Taste them, they should taste tangy)
Add sugar.

Step 3: Serve

Serve warm and in a large bowel, keep the fruit in, it tastes good. If you liked it vote for it and rate it 5 stars.

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