Un-scary Halloween Fruity Dessert



About: I am 5 foot 1, I have blond hair and I am really thin!

I know it is not scary in the least, but this is for whoever didnt want something gross sitting on their table. I'll try to make a costume next.

Thanks for looking!

Step 1: Supplies

You are going to need:

A watermelon rind

A knife

Step 2: Cleanin' It Out

Eat the rind out and with the knife scrape out the red pulp thats left.

Step 3: Washing It

Wash the cut pulp out with hot or warm water.

Step 4: Decorating

Cut anything you want out to give it a cute finish.

Step 5: Admiring It

Fill it with fruits and sugar or syrup or whatever you want.

Enjoy and thanks for looking.

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