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Introduction: Tropical Nails

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Didn't get to go on that dream vacation this year? That's okay there's always next year. In the mean time you can paint your nails to match the pictures in your head.

Start with clean dry nails.

Step 1: Supplies

You will need to gather some nail polish colors:

Hot Pink
Bright Blue

and a small paint brush,
nail polish remover,
something to cover your surface if you work on a table.

Step 2: Sunset Background

To get a good blend of your sunset background I found it best to put on in this order:
Blue on top
then hot pink on bottom
Yellow under the blue
and orange above the pink

try to keep working with it while it's WET, it blends better.

Step 3: Tree and Grass Sihouette

This is the tricky part.
After your sunset background has dried, then paint a little palm tree and grasses with black. You might try practicing on a paper first to get the jist of it.

Step 4: Clear Coat

If you want to add a little more detail you can dot some little white stars in the blue section.
Clear coat and let dry.
You are now done!



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    WOW!!! So tropical


    4 years ago


    This really adorable and great for a vacation!