Tropical Sunflower Bustier Dress Creation



Introduction: Tropical Sunflower Bustier Dress Creation

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A very dainty and charming tropical sunflower print bustier dress 
created by me, for my Spring / Summer  fashion essentials.
Please refer to the photos and instructional illustration of patterns
and step by step text instruction provided by me, to share with Burdastyle
and to all my fellow creative seamstresses.

Fabric and materials used: Bustier Dress
1. 2.5 yards fabric
2. 1.5 yards boning material
3. Zipper 
4. Hook and eye
5. 1 yard fabric for belt ( optional )

Materials used for Spring hat:
1. 1 colored plain hat
2. 1 yard tulle fabric
3. 1 yard tie-dyed  chiffon fabric
4. 1 silk flower
5. 1 feather
6. 2 yards silk ribbon
7. Glue gun with glue stick
8. Threads and needle

Step by step instruction: ( Please refer to illustrations provided )

 Note: Cut pattern according to your desired individual measurements.
            Serge all sides of fabric pieces before stitching together.

Step 1 - Sew bodice pieces together according to numbers in the patterns.

Step 2 - Sew the bodice lining same as the numbered patterns together;
               To form casing for the boning, stitch seam a scant of 1.3 cm from seams
               within the seam allowance.

Step 3 -  Cut strips of boning each the length of stitched casing, excluding upper
               and lower seam allowance; Remove boning from casing. Trim 1/4'' of 
                boning from each ends.

Step 4 - Insert boning between seam allowances.

Step 5 - Baste 1.5cm from upper and lower edges of casing being careful
                not to touch the boning.

Step 6 - With RIGHT sides together, pin lining to bodice matching centers and seams.
               Stitch front neck along stitching lines and along seam line on upper edge.
               To reinforce seam at center front, stitch again over first stitching. 
               Trim seam; clip curves and to stitching at center front.
               Turn bodice to RIGHT side. Press. Baste raw edges.

Step 7 - To make pleats in skirt front, on OUTSIDE, fold along solid lines.
               Bring folds to broken lines; pin.
               Baste across raw edges. Press

Step 8 - Make pleats in skirt back sections. Stitch skirt front to back at side seams
               Back stitch at lower ends of opening to reinforce seam. 

Step 9 - Stitch and attached the bodice to the skirt. 
               Press under 1.5 cm on back opening edges.
               Pin closed zipper under opening edges with tab end 1cm, below upper edge
               having edges meet at the center of zipper. Turn upper end of zipper tape
               over seam allowance. Baste. Stitch 1/4''  each side of center and across
               end, using an adjustable zipper foot.

Step 10 - Sew hook and eye at upper edge when garment is finished.

Instructions for the Spring hat:

1.  Cut a rectangular piece size 20'' X  6 ''  on Chiffon fabric.
     Fold the fabric horizontally and stay stitch the seam edges.

2.  With the thread and needle, sew straight stitch by hand the lower
     seam edges, making semi ruffled piece. On the ends of the ruffled
     fabric, form a little bud, by rolling the edge of the fabric with your fingers.
     Baste and sew the lower base of the ruffled fabric; Continue sewing
     the ruffled fabric in circular motion, stitching it to the lower edge of
     the fabric, until you reach the other end of the ruffled fabric, finish it
     by basting stitch. open the fabric petals.

3. Measure the diameter of the hat to form the ribbon; Cut the ribbon
    according to the diameter of the hat. Glue stick the ribbon on the
    center portion of the hat.

4. Glue stick the fabric flower in one side of the hat , overlapping the ribbon.

5. Glue stick the feather beside the fabric flower.

6.  Cut a rectangular piece of Tulle fabric 10'' length X  20'' width.
     Fold crosswise, tie in the middle with a thread, glue stick it beside
     the feathers, or the fabric flower. 
7. Glue stick the silk flower on the center of the tulle fabric.
    Finish the hat with more small fabric flowers or feathers.

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