Tropical Drink Toy for Your American Girl Doll



An awesome, easy to make toy for you and your doll!

Step 1: Materials

You will need:
A paper umbrella
A chunk of polymer clay in any color you want
An American Girl doll

Step 2: Make That Bottle!

Thanks the clay and roll it into an oval shape. Continue rolling one end until it resembles a bottle.

Step 3: The Umbrella!

Stick the umbrella into the top of the bottle.

Step 4: Hold It!

Press the bottle into your doll's hand so that after you bake the bottle, your doll will be able to hold it.

Step 5: Bake It!

Remove the umbrella and bake the bottle at 270 degrees for 20 minutes. Then glue the umbrella into the hole at the top of the bottle.

Step 6: Finished!!!

Now you can do anything you want with this toy. you can gloss it, give it to a friend, or keep it for you and your doll!



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    PangMDIY Hacks and How Tos

    Reply 3 years ago

    Yeah, I got an American Girl doll last year but didn't want to spend my money on buying the clothes and toys so I am making them.