Truck Ramp - Quick and Dirty

Introduction: Truck Ramp - Quick and Dirty

Making a temporary truck ramp for off-loading a piece of equipment ? Normally, you would source metal to transition from a thick piece of material used for the ramp. Here, I had the thick lumber but I didn't have time or metal. I simply put a piece of plywood in the truck bed under a small log.

Step 1:

Once the equipment is moved onto the piece of plywood, walk the equipment back towards the ramp. When you get beyond the half way point, the plywood will tilt on the piece of lumber laying in the truck bed back towards the lumber used as the ramp. Then you simply walk the equipment down the ramp Sweet !

Step 2:

In my case, I used two pieces of lumber as the ramp. I kept them together with a bungee cord so they wouldn't separate when I came down the ramp. Luckily the wheel on my compressor is pretty wide, so I had no problem with the wheel causing the boards to separate.

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