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Intro: Truck Bed Tuck Bed

basic diy on fitting and storing a foam matress in a truck bed

Step 1: Things Needed for Project.

A truck. A foam mattress or mattress topper. some paracord ... or rope. and something that will work as a latch or hook. Something to cut the foam with. I used a very sharp knife and a Utility blade.

Step 2: First Things First. Make Sure Your Foam Fits...


I used a king size nuvafoam mattress topper that we no longer needed on our bed.

Step 3: Cut a Little at a Time.

this foam was very squishy and it tended to take the shape of what was around it. To make sure I didn't remove to much by accident, I cut about 6 inches of foam off the side at a time. I used a cutco hunting knife for the long cuts and a utility blade for the smaller cuts I made later.

Step 4: Cut Out the Foam Around the Wheel Wells.

I used my utility blade to cut these out. I didn't have any way of making an accurate measurement so I had to eyeball the cuts. Started by making the basic out line and left myself extra room around the wheel wells so that I could tuck the extra foam in if it was a little big. make sure you cut less as apposed to more. with foam it can be deceptive on how it will line up with the bed after you are fininshed cutting.

Step 5: Trim Any Extra Foam That May Push the Matters Out of Place or Create "bubbles" Around the Edges.

tuck the rest into place for a good, even, and snug fit.
Now the hard parts done.

Step 6: I Used a Smaller Parachord to Make a Rope Latch to Hold It I'n Place While Driving and Also to Keep It Out of the Way of Anything Else You May Have to Put in the Truck.

I used about 28ft of parachord with very simple knots to make this.

tied a loop on the starting end. made a loop knot at about 1ft from the starting knot. made this loop 4ft in length from knot to tip. looped a hook through and tied that off at around 6 inches from the knot and pulled the rest of the chord through said knot. repeated this two more times to have three latches in total.

Step 7: Roll the Foam Up and Latcch the Chord.

the three latches reach around the foam keeping it in place. the chord is looped through my cargo hooks and keep the whole thing from moving around when driving.

this is the first stage project. I plan on creating a tarped storage unit or bag in the future along with a thicker foam mattress and a better strap system. but for now I'm happy with how it came out. sleeping under the stars is a wonderful thing! :D



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    3 years ago on Introduction

    Very nice! I've slept under that stars in the bed of my truck a few times. A custom pad is a great idea!

    1 reply

    Reply 3 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you! I was looking for an inexpensive way to make it a bit more comfortable. With a few blankets and some pillows it makes for a very "country charm" bed:)


    3 years ago on Introduction

    I would leave the wheel arch bits in to pad the sides. Nothing better than banging a hip or knee on hard metal to wake you up in middle of the night.

    Also if your foam is too soft then a layer of EVA mats underneath is great, the 'jig-saw' mats are just the thing to use. I use them when using a swag on the ground. Adds a layer for comfort and insulation.

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    Reply 3 years ago on Introduction

    Thats a great idea. I thought about leaving the wheel arches in like you were saying but it folded over funny and it wouldnt lay flat enough around the edges. Hopefully in the future I can find a full foam mattress and then I can lay over the arches if it come to that. Thanks for the Insights! ☼


    Reply 3 years ago on Introduction

    if you can get some thin foam off cuts on the wheel arches, might do the job.

    I have a double size self inflating matress 1.2m x 1.9m in the back of my 4x4 and wouldn't dream of cutting bits out, it shapes to the wheel arches ok. bit more expensive than your idea tho.

    do you wrap the foam with anything to keep it dry when not in use?


    Reply 3 years ago on Introduction

    I wrapped it in a queen size water proof sheet cover I purchased at Wallyworld for about $15. nothing special but it keeps the moisture out and it still fits the bed well. (Probably should put a picture of that on here...) Im hoping to find a water shed spray that might work better in the future though. only because the sheet can come of when Im rolling it up and such.