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Introduction: True Rifle: the Tempest

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That's right, a pistol that is truely rifled. It's a single shot, because single shots are the most powerful type of gun, second only to slingshots.

What is a rifle?
A rifle is a gun, traditionally a large weapon, like a sniper rifle. The barrel is constructed so the bullet will spin as it leaves, greatly improving accuracy and range.

How the heck does the Tempest work then?
Well, at the moment it is only a single shot, but it's really a case of one shot = one kill! A bendy rod is clipped onto the nozzle of the pistol, which causes the ammo to spin as it leaves. It is technically part of the barrel, as the firing pin runs alongside it.

But what if I don't have a bendy rod?
Don't worry, this pistol functions excellently as a regular gun, and it even has a seperate bullet lock for the benefit of those who don't have flexi rods. The flexi rod required is the length of a grey rod.

Can't see the video? Click here

Step 1: Main Gun

First the internals, then the plates. Simple.
In picture 1, you should see a part made of 3 orange connectors with tape round the top one. It should only be wrapped round twice, maybe three times. It's a low friction bullet lock.

Also in picture one, the handle has two whites not connected to anything, two greens not connected to anything and another two whites not connected to anything. There should be three in each row, not two, I never realised until after I took the photo of the error!

Last picture it shows the grips on the handle (which you made in picture 1). Ignore the pin, I'll explain that in the next step.

Step 2: Finalise

1) Pin
2) Bands, I use 8 size 63s, (new), but just load as many as your muscles can pull back! The ram can take a virtually limitless load, and the gun is designed so the trigger or body won't get damaged by too much power when it is cocked/fired (why it's quite chunky).

To make the pin:
First, covert it all in tape (preferably electrical, but it doesn't matter)
Add a nice thick band (around the vicinity of size 63 or 64) to act as a shock absorber. This means that the pin can take nearly limitless power, but the shock absorber needs to be wound fatter by the bit of the pin head that slams into the back of the gun. For some people it may take a while to get this perfect, but it's fairly easy.

Step 3: Firing

Well I hope you know how to fire a normal k'nex pistol, because this rifled pistol works the same way!

In the picture, There are the best bullets to use for the rifle. I would recommend Cannon ammo for a war.

Shotgun mode
Load two green rods into the gun. Shotguns are smoothbore, so remove  the flexy rod. Now you can use the might of the cannon ammo!

The Cannon ammo can only be used in smoothbore mode, see the next step for details.

Step 4: Last But Not Least...

Well congratulations: you have just made your very own tempest pistol! Comment below with a picture of yours on this step, and I'll add it to the instructable! 

The only problem I have with this gun is that it can't fire cannon ammo in rifle mode. I am working on this right now. 

And finally, show me some mods! If I like them, I'll take note of them, and together we'll make version two!



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    If you put the bendy rod on both white connectors left side end is straight then the other end is on the upper right angle it is very accurate compared to other ammos and guns.

    wait i finished a cool hinge-like mech by cutting up some grey clips it doesn't look very good but it works great.

    cool shirt.

    the way the rifle is is the reason it pulls if you made a rifle with 2 straight and 2 bendys then it might work better sorry for the horrible 1 min drawing from paint.
    what i think it will do is cause it to go straighter and spin more.

    1 reply

    Serieous, what the hell is so amazing?
    It's a single shot pistol, with totally nothing special.
    'there was so much kinetic enerrgy...'

    6 replies

    Haha, do you even know what Kinetic is? And there really is no need to swear :)

    I detect a hint of arrogance in you, by posting your 5 instructables (which bring absolutely nothing new to this already saturated website) you feel you now have the "experience and knowledge" to go around judging what other people have made, when really you have nothing to show for this supposed wisdom.
    Instructables is supposed to be a supportive and inclusive community. The comment section was designed so people could offer their intelligent opinion and perhaps offer some advice, not shrieking "Bullshit" and mocking intelligent jargon such as the word "kinetic" (and I never really understood how using those words can be used against you).

    Do you honestly think I care one bit if you think my stuff is "Bullshit"? Or the fact that you can't spell the word "energy"? Of course I don't, 159 subscribers shows that lots of people do like the stuff I make, coupled with the near 46,000 views I have also shows that my things can be quite popular. One little immature comment by some kid who wants to look 'cool' or 'rebellious' or simply making a desperate move to boost popularity won't knock me one bit, which makes me wonder why you even make silly little comments like that in the first place. Jealousy perhaps? Or just boredom? Or just plain immaturity? I assume it's the latter.

    In a nutshell, get off this website right now if that's is your attitude :)

    The only thing I was saying in my comment that I won't believe that a bullet like that can turn that much it'll return to you.
    Haha I'm sorry, the next do I mean:
    I've said my comment in the wron way, you're totally right about what you said. But you've to remember I'm a person and you don't have to judge over me, like you did. So did I, so i was wrong, not you, and I don't want to say that at all.
    About my instructables etcetera, I don't agreed with that. Maybe ''smart' people like you want to have only new innovations, and I do agree with that, but hey, this is a free site and you don't have a say about what I'm posting.
    And I'm really sorry about my English, I suck balls an it's not a way to end our discussion, and I love the way you're killing me with words, but you've judged too early.

    Lowney replies to people like an angry poet that only speaks in rhymes. It's the only reason I subscribed.

    I don't understand you.. You like it he's reacting very angry? I think he is a kinda a afraid people don't like his stuf.. I mean, why would you act like you're smart and I'm not? And he just say ooh I got that amount of subscribers/views, etcetera...
    Btw I'm way too nice for him, like my replie :S he thinks; Wow I'm 15 and I'msmart:S anyway, so he is acting.. So I don't understand why you like him

    I like his creations. That's why. And if you add a "C" to the beginning of his Username, it becomes "CLowney."

    But never mind that, I have better things to do rather than argue with some dude over the internet.

    Haha okay, I didn't mean to offend you, I just didn't understand you. And I still don't:S, so last question (sorry:)) what did you mean with your first replie? That I wasn't right?

    I built it and.. well the Oodammo shoots a lot to the side...

    Post Script: Does the name "Oodammo" refer to Oodalumps's discovery of red connecters + white rods as being best full knex ammo?

    yup, and try aligning the bendy rod a little more, I'm afraid the gun is a kind of prototype which would hopefully inspire better mechanisms. However it works well as a standard gun though.

    It didn't shoot very far without the curvy thing. But nice idea, trying to implement something such as this into a gun. Perhaps I'll build on this.