True Trigger One Shot Powerful Knex Pistol!




Introduction: True Trigger One Shot Powerful Knex Pistol!

True Trigger One Shot Begginers Knex Gun. this is my very first gun and instructable so please no harsh comments.

Step 1: Handle

This is really easy all you do is grab some green connecters and 2 yellow bars and then................make the magic happen!!

Step 2: Barrel

The barrel is also easy just make what it is in the picture.

Step 3: Trigger

This is a little more tricky but hopefully you can build from the pictures. :)

Step 4: Joining It Together

just follow pictures

Step 5: Rubber Bands

Elasticaltastic! Add more of the rubberbands at the end for more power.Thicker rubber bands on the end work better.

Step 6: Loading

Put in the gray rod
Pull it back until the trigger locks
Pul trigger to fire

Step 7: Have Fun

Please Comment and rate this is my first Instructable!!



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    40 Discussions

    so, my trigger catch didn't work, but I took off the handle, put it on the front, and and made a ram rod with yellow rod ad orange connector, turning it into something like a nerf sling strike ?

    I can't figure out the trigger(first time making knex gun so yeah)

    i love thi gun. second one i made. i have very few peices but enough for this and 2 more. i enjoy it, just with i could find a good multi shot true trigger

    I loved the gun it works great you might need a little more explaining or pics on step 3 or the trigger

    When did I say it was his? I would give it a 3* rating because at least he took the time to put a true trigger on it. Most others would just put a block trigger on it.

    You actually think this is 'above average'? I'm absolutely positive you don't.

    i bet you gave killerks pistol 4.5 or 5*
    and it has a block trigger.

    Yeah, and that was posted LITERALLY years before this. This is a piece of ****, not just because of when it was posted, but also because this has none of the features that made the KK pistol good.

    I know it isn't your first gun, so I rate it 2.5 due to the turret. That is all.

    That was the first gun I designed. I just didn't post it 'til a while ago. So actually, yes. First gun. But I don't really care, because I rate guns fairly. So this I'd give a *1.