True Whiskey Sowers(sour)




Since are last name is Sowers my grandfather made it a family tradition to have Whiskey Sowers
at all family gatherings. this is in loving memory of my grand father Richard E. Sowers


Step 1: Getting a Container

the first part is getting the right container for the Whiskey Sowers.
i recommend going to your local thrift store.try to find the biggest
 thermos with a spiget. we love & use the pump top one.mines at
my moms house,so i cant photo it.

Step 2: Getting the Ingreadents

grab a couple of bottles of your favarite whiskey.
then your faveret sour mix.
3 or 4 orange.
a jar of maraschino cherrys

Step 3: Mixing & Cutting

  • 6 cups whiskey
  • 3 cups sweet and sour mix
  • 3 Tbs of cherry juice
  • mix whiskey & sour mix in to thermos
  • 3-4 oranges sliced in thick sections then halved
  • take a orange slice,fold it over a cherry & slide in a toothpick
  • pour over crushed ice & enjoy

Step 4: Pour & Enjoy!!!

Please drink responsibly!!! 
Dont drink & drive!!!



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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Oh we are so in whiskey sours competition now. 
    My BFF makes the best ones ever, that his dad showed him.  It starts with making your own simple syrup and ends with some weird lemon mix you can apparently only get in Long Island.  
    It's on!  (as soon as I can get ahold of someone in long island. . . )

    3 replies