Truly Lazy Susan Turntable in 90 Seconds With One Tool




I needed a "lazy susan" type turntable for an art project – nothing fancy, just a revolving base to put the piece on and turn as I worked. It is also suitable for a small TV. I looked at what was commercially available and 1) none of them were large enough; 2) all of them were prohibitively expensive. So, what to do? DIY, of course!

Step 1: Materials & Tools

Go to closest (remember, this is for the truly lazy) home improvement store and buy 1) wooden round (18 or 24 inch); and 2) Everbilt Lazy Susan turntable (6 inch). My total for both these items was $11.00. When you get back, rummage around your kitchen junk drawer and find four (4) screws at least an inch long. I have a bunch left over from projects I never finished; the screws don’t match but work fine because you never see them. While you're looking for screws, grab one of the seven or eight screwdrivers that are in there, too.

Step 2: About 60 Seconds to Go...

Select the side you don’t want to show and place it face up. Center the turntable on the mark (eyeballed it - not exactly true center but close enough). Insert the screws. Tip: Be sure to place the side of the turntable that has only four holes on the bottom. You're done. Turn it over and give it a twirl.

Step 3: Pretty It Up.

You can stain or paint it or just add a clear coat of poly; stencil it or add any kind of crafty thing that you do. This project is real easy for kids (or parents) but at the end you have a really functional piece of equipment for about $11.00 and 90 seconds worth of work.



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    1 year ago

    That looks really nice! I love the dragon on the top :)

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