Trump Useless Box




Trump Useless Box

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Step 1:

Thanks for Claude Shannon designed the first version of the Useless Box, which is called "The Ultimate Machine".

Step 2:

Since then more and more versions were inspired, and were shared on the internet.

Step 3:

So I designed a new version, which is called the “Trump Useless Box”.

The Trump is talking too much. since he won the presidential election. So leaving him alone in a small dark box, and keeping his mouth shut might be a good idea.

Step 4: DIY Materials


  • · Arduino UNO X 1
  • · Slide Switch X 2
  • · 1KΩ Resistor X 2
  • · LED X 1
  • · MG995 Servo X 2
  • · 18650 Battery X 2
  • · 18650 Battery Holder with Series Connection X 1
  • · SYB-170 Bread Board X 1
  • · M3X40mm Screw X 8
  • · M3 Nuts X 8
  • · M2X10mm Tapping Screws X 10
  • · M1.4X6mm Self Tapping Screws X 7
  • · Heat Shrink Kit 20cm
  • · Jumper Wires M/M
  • · Box(Inner Dimension 23 X18 X6.5cm) X 1
  • · Servo Stand(3D Printed) X 2
  • · Box Holder(3D Printed) X 1
  • · Hand(3D Printed) X 1
  • · Photo Holder (3D Printed) X 1
  • · Trump’s Photo X 1

(3D Print File and Arduino Code will be shared at the bottom of the article)


  • · Soldering-iron
  • · 3D Printer
  • · Electric Drill and 6mm Drill
  • · Screw Driver
  • · Graphic Knife
  • · Wire Stripper
  • · Hot Melt Glue Gun

Step 5: Circuits

Step 6: Main Switch


LED X 1, 1KΩ Resistor X 1, Arduino UNO X 1, Slide Switch X 1, SYB-170 Breadboard X 1, Jumper Wire M/M

Soldering the jumper wire to slide switch, and using the hot shrink tube to seal the soldering position. In reference to the circuit diagram above, the slide switch will be connected to the Arduino UNO and the breadboard.


Using this slide switch to control the power of the circuit and the Arduino. The LED will be lighted while the switch is ON; the LED is gone out while the switch is OFF.

Step 7: Servos


3D Printed Servo Stand X2, 3D Printed Cover Holder X1, 3D Printed Hand X1, MG995 ServoX2、M3X40mm Screws X 8、M3 Nuts X 8、M1.4X6mm Self Tapping ScrewsX 7、Jumper Wire M\M

Two servo stands and two servos are assembled by the M3X40mm screws.

The box holder and hand are fixed with servo arms by M1.4X6mm self tapping screws.

Then assembling them to servos.

Wires of servos are connected to the Arduino and the breadboard, the red one and the brown one connect to the positive and negative pole of the battery, the orange wires connect to the Pin 5 and Pin 6 of Arduino UNO.


The servo connects to the Pin 6 of Arduino is responsibility for opening the box cover; Another servo connects to the Pin 5 is for controlling the 3D printed hand.

Step 8: Flirting Switch


Slide Switch X1、1KΩ Resistor X 2、Jumper Wire M/M

It is a simple PULL UP switch. The green jumper wire connects to the Arduino’s 5V Pin and one end of 1KΩ resistor; the yellow jumper wire connects to another end of 1KΩ resistor and Arduino’s Pin 2; the slide switch connects to the yellow jumper wire and GND of the breadboard.


When the flirting switch is turned on, the resistor is connected to the 5V voltage, then the Arduino’s Pin 2 will receive HIGH level voltages; when the flirting switch is turned off, the resistor is connected to the GND, then the Arduino’s Pin 2 will receive LOW level voltage. According to voltage changes of the flirting switch, the Arduino program will recognize states of the flirting switch and record times of the switch is turned on and off.

Step 9: Assembly

Demounting the lock of the box, and drilling two 6mm holes in the front and back of box.

Servos and the photo stand are fixed by M2X10mm self-tapping screws.

Two 18650 batteries are connected to the breadboard.

Two slide switches are stuck by the hot melt glue. Please pay attention to the direction of switches, both of them are turned off by pushing up, and turned on by pushing down.

The last step is stuck the battery box, Arduino and breadboard in the box, and stuck the Trump’s photo on the 3D printed photo stand.

Step 10: Arduino Program

15 methods are designed for opening the box cover in the video.

Because of the article length, only one method will be introduced in the following article. Codes of other 14 methods are similar with the one will be introduced.

The code above is 6th action.“boxServo” is the servo that connects the Pin 6 of Arduino, is located at the back of box, and is attached with the 3D printed cover holder.

The speed of opening the box cover is controlled by the delay() function. The literal meaning of code below is the servo is turning one degree per 20 ms from 70 degree to 110 degree. (the number of 70 and 110 could be adjusted according to different circumstances of each DIYer.)

After the box cover opened, the shaking cover is controlled by the code below. The literal meaning of code is to open and close the box cover 12 times, and keeping the cover in opening state. The function delay(6) is reducing the speed of the servo.

“handServo” is the servo that connects the Pin 5 of Arduino, is located at the front of box, and is attached with the 3D printed hand.

In order to reach and turn off the flirting switch, the 3D printed hand is needed to be controlled by “handServo”. 180 degree is the starting position of “handServo”, and turning 1 degree per 30ms until it reaches 35 degrees, which is just above the flirting switch. Then pressing the switch at 26 degree and waiting for 400ms.

The code below is for stretching back the 3D printed hand and closing the box cover. The literal meaning is “handServo”and “boxServo”go back to 180 degree and 70 degree.

If you understand codes above, the following codes are easy. It is just opening the box cover and waiting for 3s, then closing the cover.

Step 11: Kumamon Useless Box

If you think it is too mean for using the Trump’s photo, you can

considered the Kumamon to replace the Trump’s photo.

Step 12: The 3D Files(STL) and Arduino Code

the 3D files(STL) and Arduino Code are share in Github.

3D files are also shares on Thingiverse:

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    13 Discussions


    Question 5 months ago

    This looks like a great Christmas present for a few of my relatives. Is there a way to add some famous quotes? When the box opens I would like it to play a message then turn off when the box closes.

    1 answer

    2 years ago

    I love this, and I want to make it, but is there any way you can be a little more specific with the 3D print size and all that, please? :)

    1 reply

    2 years ago

    Not to be political, but since the vast majority of the World's population has absolutely no respect for Mr Trump, this is really funny. Well done ;-)

    3 replies

    Reply 2 years ago

    Trump has 100X the respect that Obama had on a global scale. There are news sources other then CNN, Steven Crowder is a good start to getting real news. Or just stay misinformed and hating your country!


    Reply 2 years ago

    I can see you are both soaking in the Liberal kool-aid. The Liberals have embarrassed themselves so forcefully since the election it's really sad. There's nothing I can add except to point out that this attitude is doing NOTHING to help you or your cause. It's just pathetic. It doesn't matter that you don't like Trump, he's still President. You can work with that, or you can stick your fingers in your ears and hum. Most Liberals are doing that, so at least TRY to rise above it just a little.


    Reply 2 years ago

    I think we can all agree that Trump deserves the same chance (and notions of legitimacy) that Trump gave to Obama.


    2 years ago

    this is the message i get Arduino: 1.8.1 (Mac OS X), Board: "Arduino/Genuino Uno"

    Sketch uses 6820 bytes (21%) of program storage space. Maximum is 32256 bytes.

    Global variables use 378 bytes (18%) of dynamic memory, leaving 1670 bytes for local variables. Maximum is 2048 bytes.

    avrdude: ser_open(): can't open device "COM1": No such file or directory

    Problem uploading to board. See for suggestions.

    This report would have more information with

    "Show verbose output during compilation"

    option enabled in File -> Preferences.


    2 years ago

    when i try to copy and paste code for arduino it gives me arror


    2 years ago

    Larry03052 you are not political you are citing unverifiable facts, or alternative facts that have no basis in reality.


    2 years ago

    Not to be political, but the vast majority of the World's population think Trump is a HUGE step up from Obama. All you really need is a DEMOCRAT in a box. Make sure he's alive, because a dead one can still be fertilizer.