Try Pour Over Coffee at Home



Introduction: Try Pour Over Coffee at Home

This instructable will teach you how to make "pour over coffee" at home, and it will cost nothing if you already own standard drip coffee machine.

Though one may be skeptical, this does not produce the same cup of coffee as your machine currently does.  Take the less than 10 minutes and decide for yourself.

What you need:

-DRIP Coffee machine
-2 cup measuring cup (pyrex)
-measuring spoons
-filters for your machine
-a mug
-a kettle
-ground coffee

Step 1: Prep Your Percolator

This step is two fold:

1)IF your percolator uses a cone filter AND has a filter basket that can be removed:

    Please do so now!

    Look at the basket, we are looking for any sort of valve that would require physical contact to let the awesome flow out of it.

    Mine has one, lets remove that if we can without damaging anything.  We want to be able to reverse this process.

    Remove your coffee pot, if it has a lid, please remove it! ...if you can without damaging anything. 

    Place basket in coffee pot!

2)IF the above doesnt apply to you, dont worry, this can still be done!

    Leave your machine fully assembled, and read on!

Step 2: Get Ready

Fill the kettle with FRESH (preferably filtered) water, and turn it on.

Place a filter in the basket.

When the kettle comes to a boil fill your 2 Cup measuring cup.

From the kettle pour enough water into the basket to thoroughly wet the filter, let the WATER run through to the pot.  We are removing any "paper" taste and heating the system up a bit.  Hot Coffee is better. 

Pour off this water from the pot.

Follow the directions from your coffee grounds to determine how much to use for 2 cups of coffee.
Add the recommended amount to the filter.

Use your finger to make a dimple in the centre of the grounds.

Step 3: The Pour

Now is time to pour your water.

This can be tricky.

From the measuring cup, SLOWLY pour about 50ml of your hot water unto the coffee.  Start in the centre and work your way outwards to soak all the grounds.

Let this sit for 30-40 seconds.

Continue to pour in a small circle, ensure you DO NOT pour onto the filter.  Continue until all water has been poured.  This process should take 1.5 - 2 minutes.

Step 4: Enjoy!

Enjoy your handcrafted cup of coffee, and decide for yourself if it really is better!

This is largely based on your pouring technique, it WILL take more than one attempt to get it right.

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