Tsaro - Pc Red Dragon

Introduction: Tsaro - Pc Red Dragon

RPG + computer = Casemonstro

This is a step by step, simple, where I explain how I created my Computer Monster (casemonstro as I call).

Actually that's Tsar, a character in my book RPG, here he is live, small size!

Made of fiberglass. It has movement in his mouth and smoke through the nose.
functions controlled by an ATmega8. Smoke generator for toy train.

Participated in Campus Party Brazil 2010, and stayed in 2nd place casemod more creative.

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Step 1: Creating the Body

Step 1
Set the useful area where it would be the chassis itself, Motherboard + Source, based on this dimension, I could develop the modeling of the body of the dragon.

Mother board, was prepared in his chest.
Source, positioned in the waist, between the hind legs.
DVD drive at the base of the tower.
HD's inside the Tower.
At the tail of the Dragon are all the connections in two different spots.

The kite was made with wire cloth + + implementation of fiberglass.

His body was modeled with wire, to give the basis for applying fiberglass, I used tape box, one large brown.

Metal skeleton + brown tape and it was applied on glass fiber.

(In picture, My son helping me!)

Step 2: Step 2 - Head

After modeling in the body wire and wrap the wire with brown tape, I made the Dragon's head in a polystyrene (neck + head)
A. It was done my mouth shut.
B. Lower jaw cut and separated from Superior.
C. Since details on the plaster that would be the head, eyes, and the detail of the closing of the mouth.

After satisfeto with the result, I applied fiberglass, waited to dry (cure) and removed the Styrofoam inner (thinner) and removed the plaster. with the moving parts of the jaw, applied clay, and clay arrested teeth (which were made individually on five different types of shapes, all in resin), with teeth attached to Clay in the correct position, I applied fiberglass. Once the cure might just separate the maxillary dental arch, clean and then lay down.

Step 3: Step 3 - the Tower on the Mountain

When defining the position that the Dragon was already thinking fopi in fact he is leaning on something.
And that something would be a medievald and observation tower, something like a castle tower. Which in turn, the tower is on a mountain.

Where in creation, the mountain represents the space for the DVD drive, and inside the tower area useful for up to 3 Hd's.

To feed both HD DVD drive as I use to own extension that rode them, and sata cable of 1 meter.

Step 4: Step 4 - Painting


During the creation of the Dragon, looked for an airbrush, which accepts the challenge of painting a red Drgão and not charge me up so high!

Found: P and he agreed to do this work!

At that moment he was almost done, lacked some details that could only be made after, finishing the scene, Tower and mountain.

Was applied on the base of the tower, stone / grams of thumbnails (diorama), then added some trees.

Outside this partefoi made all work related to cables, since electric and power cord.

One photo is of the coverage of the event Campus Party Brazil 2010, where I am with my mother and my son, if my mother helped me with the fiberglass because it is impossible to do everything alone.

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    9 years ago on Step 4

    That is actually really cool, man. I'm jealous. Though, I only have one question about when the case is closed: what are you doing for exhaust and airflow?


    Reply 9 years ago on Step 4

    He stays in my room: P
    On exhaust air ... he has his mouth open and serves as the exit of hot air. And the tail outlet opening for the cables, and the source he has also let it be well ventilated. When all use closed his mouth as the hot air outlet and the opening of the tail as a cold air intake (it has a cooler that pulls air). It works very well


    9 years ago on Introduction

    I've been working on a new project, this time will be somewhat different monster! : P I publish here soon.

    [] `s


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Muito loko mano... eu estava pensando em fazer um mod usando um pneu huahauhaua O seu me deu idéias bem mais legais. vlw


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Fico contente em ter inspirado novas ideias! É isso ai mesmo, de assas a sua imaginação, faça algo que realmente te agrade! E quando fizer, avisa!