Tshirt Headbands



Introduction: Tshirt Headbands

A fun way to use old t-shirts to make a cool headband!

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Step 1: Cutting

First, cut across three strips of a Tshirt (or one strip from each of three tshirts).

Step 2: More Cutting

Cut each of the strips at one spot to make each of them a straight line.

Step 3: Time to Tie

Then, tie all three strands in a knot that has a loop.

Step 4: Braiding

Put the loop on your toe (easiest) or under something heavy to hold it down and start braiding.

Step 5: Tie It Together

When you are done braiding, take the headband and put it around your head and tie it at the loop in a knot. Cut any existing loose strands.

Step 6: Additional Uses

You can take as many strands in as many colors and make different designs that can be used. Have fun!

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