Tsuro Board Game

I want to share my template for crafting a Tsuro board game.

There are 3 pictures I designed:

  1. the 35 unique tiles of all possibilities, plus an extra tile
  2. the board
  3. a design to be used as optional backsides for the tiles

Print the designs and glue them to cardboard. Then cut out the tiles by removing all the black spaces between them (which is quite a work to do ;) ). Lastly you'll have to think of something to use as playing pieces (maybe some Lego) and have fun :)

Update: I've set up a website where you can customize these templates. It allows to change all the colors and comes with 4 predefined themes.

Link: http://daign.github.io/path-tile-game-designer/



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3 years ago

Wonderful game. However ...

Okay, maybe I'm stupid. Certainly I am ignorant. When going to the designer page, how do I save or print what I designed? I chose my own colors or my own theme, but there is no "save as" button. It says (this box will not appear when printing this page), but no print button. How do I do this?

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Reply 3 years ago

You use the print dialog of your browser. Every browser has a menu option somewhere to invoke it. Most of the times it can also be called by pressing Ctrl+P. There you can adjust the size to print and other settings. You'll have to do this three times if you want to print all templates, since it only prints the one currently visible. Most browsers allow printing to a PDF file instead of a real printer as well, so you could use that if you want to save your design to your hard drive.