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Introduction: Tuba Tron Reader

i am a tuba player and i am taking this class here at UCSD about making musical instruments so i decided to do something with my mouth piece. i decided, since i couldn't have my tuba here i might as well try to make one out of what we had.

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Step 1: Step #1

So to start off i needed to get my supplies:

-Tuba mouth piece
-PVC pipes and one aluminum pipe
*first pvc pipe 1/4 of an inch
  • second pipe 1 and 1/4 of an inch
  • third 2 inches
  • fourth pipe aluminum 3 inches
- Electric tape to keep it together
-Mic to put through computer
- My patch of Pure Data (downloadable)
- amplification

Step 2: Step #2

First i started off just using Pure Data and experimenting with different types of sounds the computer makes. i was very surprised how many typed of sounds there were just using Pure Data. Then i attached a microphone to the computer and thought it was awesome making noises and changing them through the computer. Then using my tuba mouthpiece i buzzed different pitches through Pure Data and modified the different sounds.

Step 3: Step #3

Now i had to find different pure data patches that i liked and that went along with the sounds i was making with the mouthpiece. i used the microphone and searched for sounds that i liked and that went along with what i was doing but just using the mouthpiece.

Step 4:

Then i started to construct my "Tuba Tron". Build this so the pitches would come out better so the computer could read the different sounds better. so i put the pipes from smallest to largest . I attached the Mouthpiece to the smallest pipe so it would fit. then i taped all the pipes together so no air would leak and the pitch would come out much better

Step 5: Step #5

After building the Tuba Tron i attached to a microphone and played it to see what kind of affects i could add to it. It sounded very well without the computer but the computer really helped and made really great sound effects to go along with it .

Step 6: Step #6

After all of that i used my Tuba Tron and had someone helped me find good Pure Data patches to make the Tuba Tron much better and clearer. I used Many patches including a distortion patch to make cool effects with my new instrument and this Pure Data is downloadable if u have pure data ...


Step 7: Have Fun

Well if you decided to do this i hope u had fun like i did and most likely made it better and thanks for reading this and i salute all my fellow tuba players out there :D

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    Tuba man8175

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    hey i am a tuba player as well although i have barley started playing