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Introduction: Tube Shelves

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Noah and Mitch salvaged some concrete form tubing for making speakers, but haven't gotten around to doing with it, yet.

Since we moved into the new office and I needed some new shelves, however, I decided to use them for that purpose until they get around to stealing them back. I saw a shelving system on a design blog that looked kind of like this, which was my inspiration. They work great; the foot of Rachel's desk keeps them from spilling all over the floor into a big heap of books.



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    It's amazing how just changing a shape of something makes it look more sophisticated. They look great! I may have to copy this one.

    So you didn't connect these at all, just stacked them between barriers to stop them from rolling? Is that contact paper?

    I've never seen the wood tubes, cardboard yes, wood finished tubes no. Any idea where to find them?

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    I LOVE these! I just saw them on a designer sales sight for about $300/six tubes. I was dying to figure out how to make them, and you saved me! BTW, the way they kept them from rolling on the other site was to build an outer frame for the front and back (2 sheets of plywood with holes cut for the tubing, then one set on the front edge of the tubes, one set on the back...they did it in a groovy shape so it wasn't a boring stack). Thanks for posting this; I am going to make some for my bedroom! I think enough of them together would make a pretty decent room divider.

    I think I'll make some of these to put in my hallway.But I intend to use cardboard. An maybe I'll paint them, and maybe I'll hang them on the wall!

    It may be a copy of an existing design, but said existing design is significantly more expensive and lacks the awesome "I made those myself" appeal.

    Props to nagutron for thinking of this creative use for something as mundane as concrete form tubing. Looks great!

    I'm excited about undertaking this project. I have a jigsaw I've never used, so I will attempt to use it to cut the tube! I want new bookshelves very badly & these beat the one I planned to purchase @ IKEA. Yay! I found the molds on the Home Depot website. The link is as follows:

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    Hi, I live in Chicago and i'm wondering where i can get these forms? how did you secure them to each other? just a series of small screws ? awesome idea by the way! thanks.

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    Hey! This is an AMAZING thing! I'm about to start my own. By the way, you can find tubes like this in any construction supplies store, here in Mexico (and I guess will be the same in the States) are made from very sturdy cardboard, and then used as a mold for concrete columns. They size about 10 ft. tall, and the 14" cost around 3 dollars each, sorry but I don't know how they are named in english. I'm almost sure you can find them at a Home Depot store. Let me know!

    elias... como se llaman en espanol???? I live in mexico city!!!!! tell me where I can get them... thanks

    Jaja, que onda! Las puedes buscar como "Tubo para cimbra" es de cartón fuerte. Yo hablé a un Construrama y ahi los venden. El tubo de 3 metros de alto con un diámetro de 40cm me dijeron que costaba 325 pesos, voy a ir por uno el lunes =P

    Avísame si los encuentras, vá? Saludos!

    y los cortaran??? o como?? los tendre que cortar solito, verdad???? me avisas como te va... por el momento estoy en tailandia, pero en agosto regreso a mexico, y tengo muchas ganas de construir eso....

    No, yo creo que habrá que cortarlos con una segueta, o alguna sierrita de mano. Yo creo que en tailandia también los venden =P

    Esos tubos se usan para echarles concreto adentro, como para el molde de una columna. Bueno, saludos y seguimos en contacto!

    ok... oye... avisame como lo haces para conectarlos... y luego, me mandas una foto... la verdad se me hace muy chido ese projecto.... me parece que uno en las fotos viene alfombrado...que tienes pensado para terminarlos??? saludos

    Sí, de hecho yo creo que voy a hacer un instructable porque los quiero colgar en la pared, pero claro que sí, vá a ser el proyecto de este mes, tengo pensado fijarlos a la pared para que sea como un librero (porque hay mucho polvo en mi casa) y pintarlos de color blanco o negro. En cuanto lo tenga listo te aviso directamente para que veas como quedó, vá? Saludos y seguimos en contacto!