Tubeable Paper Pipes




Introduction: Tubeable Paper Pipes

A free paper project for everyone to download and make. The pipes were originally published on my site. They will be at the centre of a tweeting bird automata which I am currently working on however they do make a charming side project on there own - hence this download.

Step 1:

You can hear the pipes in action here on Instagram

Download the parts and print them out onto thin card, 230 gsm / 67 lb card is about right. Score the dotted and dashed lines then cut out the hole before carefully cutting out the parts. Pipes need to be made accurately to work properly.

Take care.

Step 2:

Fold up and glue the pipe cover.

Step 3:

Assemble the tube. This pipe uses an open end design.

Step 4:

Glue the cover as accurately as possible to the grey areas on the body of the pipe. The dotted line on the tabs should be lined up exactly with the bottom edge of the pipe body.

Step 5:

Assemble the tuning slide then slide it into position with the cut out at the top.

That's it! Blow through the base of the cover to make the whistle sound. Move the slide up and down to change the pitch.

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