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This is a beautiful ribbon trim...I call it The Tulip...cause it looks like it!
It's actually used in smocking...but when using in only do one row pattern and you get this beautiful ribbon trim.


Step 1: The Tulip Ribbon Trim- Materials

Satin Ribbon-  washed so the starch is removed...which make it easier to manipulate.
Matching thread
Needle and scissor
pen - optional.

Step 2: How to Make Your Tulip

To start with...let's take a 1" satin ribbon...wash it so that the starch is removed....this makes it easier to manipulate the ribbon.
Mark the width of the ribbon along the length of the ribbon and then the center point...check pictures

Joint the corner dots.. and whip stitch...then bring the joint to the center would form a sort of 45 degree angle on either side..tack it in.
Now again join the corner dots...don't pull thread...leave loose and whip stitch the corners again...repeat  the steps till you get the desired length.
Once done...fluff out the right side upwards ( in the direction you sewed).
step back and enjoy your work :-)

Now that your have made your ribbon about sewing something to fix it on???
interested? read on

Step 3: Make a Sketch

First make a sketch of the pattern you want...

See if you can use the fabric or T-shirts  you already have in hand but are not using..
It's always better to recycle..then spend extra money :-)
I had 2 T' was my husbands which was tooo small for him...and then the other was in a cut that he would never wear! ( was a gift or so)
so yeah...I used both to make me a nice top :-)

Step 4: T-shirt Modification

Materials -
2 t- shirts....same extra large so you have loads of fabric

Step 5: Pleated T-shirt

Take your large t-shirt and separate it
take the bottom of one of the cut pieces and sew and attach it to the shoulders of your fitted T-shirt.
Flip it back to the front. place a cardboard inside your fitted T-shirt

Now start pleating by pinching the fabric and patting it down. Pin all folds to the top layer of your fitted T-shirt only.

Once your come to the end and need to add the other cut t-shirt slip the end under a fold and tack it in.
Please refer pictures.

Mark a curve  like the picture...
To make it as symmetrical as possible...measure and mark equal lengths at shoulders, waist and bottom...then mark a curve.

Pull cardboard out and sew the pleats to the top layer of your T-shirt along the curved along neckline too and cut off excess.
Remember the neckline rib that we saved...use it now to neaten...else you can use the ribbon trim...I was going to use it...but I thought it would be toooo crowded as I was going to attach it along the curves.

Once all are sewn...keep a 1.5" frill from the sewing line  and cut off excess...make the frill wider along the shoulders...
Cut off the sleeve to the frill's width .

Well what do you think?

It looks nice as it is...but I added the trim to the curves to check it out   it gave some add some color :-)  )...let me know what you would like
With trim or without??
please  vote for the purple and fashion contest once it's up there...thank you.



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    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    If you feel young no matter how high the digits will always be young ! The fact that you are in this site wanting to learn shows that you are young :-)
    Also you do not have to be slim to wear this ... Make the top longer... Couple if inches above the knee would do ... The curves ( princess line) being highlighted by the trim will give the illusion of a slim and well shaped form. I know as my moms a great seamstress! Try and let me know how it goes :-)