Tulum Beach Fringe Earring

- 1 pair hoop earring findings
- 38 filed cube beads
- 64 inches waxed linen, cut into sixteen 4 inch lengths
- 1 pair ear wires

- Chain nose pliers
- Round nose pliers
- Scissors

Click Here for a printable version of this tutorial

Step 1: Thread Beads and Bend Hoop

Thread 19 beads onto a hoop finding. Locate the hole on one end of the hoop finding. Using your chain nose pliers, bend half an inch of the end without the hole upward.

Step 2: Create Loop at Hoop End and Attach Ear Wire

Feed the bent end through the hole on the hoop finding. Using your round nose pliers loop the bent end. Use your chain nose pliers to open the loop on the ear wire and attach it to the hoop finding.

Step 3: Add Waxed Linen and More Beads

Count over 6 beads from one side of the hoop. Fold a 4 inch piece of linen in half and loop it over the ear hoop between the 6th and 7th bead. Pull tightly. Feed a filed cube onto one end of the linen and tie a knot to secure the bead. Repeat on the other end of the linen. Continue adding linen pieces with beads in this manner until the earring has 8 linen pieces with beads and knots on each. Repeat to make second earring.



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