Tumbling Watermelon

As the theme suggests" Play with Food", so I too decided to make an interesting instructable for my little cute bro! and so I came up here with a tumbling toy made out of a watermelon :D                                                                   
 The Process

All you need is a watermelon and some kitchen waste.
1) Wash the watermelon nicely. I did it as no germ should reach my brother at any cost.
2) Extract some pumpkin fibers from a used pumpkin for the hairs of our clown.
3) Paste them at the top of the pumpkin.
4) Cut two thin pieces of carrot or whatever you like two make its eyes.
5) I used the pumpkin’s thick peel to make its smile. You can see I made it a 3D smile so as to make it more attractive.
6) At last attach them nicely. I used small pieces of toothpicks and took a precaution so that it should not hurt my brother. Cut the unnecessary part out or pierce them deep.
7) Your tumbling water melon is ready.
8) If your watermelon is not tumbling, try slicing it out minutely or apply some clay at a side to which it is not tumbling to bring it back. Also , try adding some heavier (not much heavy) to increase its center of gravity.
9) ENJOY                  and kindly Vote!                                                                                    

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