Tuna Filo Pastry




Introduction: Tuna Filo Pastry

Making Tuna Filo Pasty is not that hard. For those who love pastry will definitely love this. I will try my best to make it easy to follow.

Step 1: Ingredient

You will need:

•   Fillo dough ( bought at Walmart)

•   One tin tuna

•   One sweet onion

•   Three sticks celery (or more)

•   Two Green/Red chilles (or capsicum)

•   1 cup mayonnaise

•   3 small spoon of pure ground black pepper

•   Salt to taste

•   Sugar to taste

•   Sweet cream salted butter

Step 2: Tuna Mayonnaise Filling

For first step, we need to do the filling; tuna mayonnaise filling

1)     Firstly, we need to drained and mashed the tuna. I got myself the biggest size of tuna in can. 

2)     Secondly, for the sweet onion, chopped it into small and keep aside

3)     Then, get three or more sticks celery and diced them very small. 

4)     Get three green or red chilles and diced them very small as well.

5)     Next, get 1 cup of mayonnaise. More or less depending on your preferences

6)     Add three small spoons of pure ground black pepper or depending on your preferences

7)     Add salt and sugar to taste

8)     Lastly, add all ingredients above and adjust the taste based on your preferences.

Step 3: Layered Fillo

For layering the fillo we need :

•      Two or three sticks of sweet cream salted butter or regular butter. Depends on your preference. (I soften them on the stove with light flame)

•      One brush

•      Pizza cutter

What I did are;

1)    Firstly, I begin with one sheet, then brush it lightly with the butter. Caution: Do it carefully, otherwise the sheet will tear.

2)    Then, I later it with another sheet and I continue until I get 9 layers

3)    Finally, cut the huge layered into square size 4 inches x 4 inches approximately (the size is not fix. You can just cut any size you want)

4)   There you go. Fillo layered sheets ready to be filled with tuna filling.

5)    After filling the layered fillo with tuna filling, you can stick the layer together with the soften butter. You can brush all corners with butter and then stick them together.

6)   And then I brush butter on the top so it will not be dry and it gives a good look after bake. It will become yellowish and crunchy after baked.

Step 4: Bake

After finish filling the fillo and stick the fillo together with butter, we are ready to bake the fillo. To bake, you can follow this instructions:

1)    Warm the oven 400 degrees for 5 minutes

2)    After 5 minutes, reduced the scale to 350 degrees

3)    Then, bake your fillos for 15 minutes. Adjust your time if you like them to look crunchier. You can let them bake two to three minutes more if you want them to look crunchier. To be safe, so it would not get badly burnt, check it after 25 minutes.

4)     Then, you are ready to eat. You can serve this with hot tea or coffee. 

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    4 years ago

    check tuna salad sandwich here


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Welcome to Instructables!

    My wife makes this with a mushroom filling...hard to stop eating. I'll have to try with the tuna.