Tuna Pie




Tuna pie is something you can eat cold or hot, it's that yummy.
Has a great taste, is light and satisfying and easy to make.

Good for all kinds of events or just simple dinner/lunch

Step 1: Things You'll Need

For Tuna pie you'll need

4-5 onions ( or more if you want to )

Tuna of course.

Bell pepper

Pickles and Tomatoes ( optional. You can always change it for olives, sun dried tomatoes etc. What ever you like. Mine is always different)

Some spices ( those you like )


3 eggs, sour cream and flour.

Step 2: How To

you make or buy the dough.

Cut all onions, bell peppers, tomatoes, pickles etc.

cook onions till they're golden, and add bell pepper.

Get the dough in your baking form,

add tuna on the bottom ( Before tuna, last time i covered the dough with mustard and it tasted good too),

add all the onions and bell peppers you cooked.

now add tomatoes and pickles ( or veggies you chose)

add mixed eggs, sour cream and flour on top of everything

now fold your dough on top

bake at 180 C

( bakes about 30 minutes)

And you're done :)

Eat it hot or cold. Works good both ways.



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    2 years ago

    This is good with Salmon toits what i had