Tunnel Snake Jacket




How to paint the snake on the jacket. The studs come from www.spikesandstuds.com studding tutorial from them. stud according to the provided texture file. I used 3/8 in. cones. Still need to scan in the full size snake sketch.

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Step 1: Sketch It

Use this one, sketch your own..... I don't know how you'll want to go about this. you have a better grasp of your creative potential than I. using a straight pin, tape, and a large cereal box unfolded tape down the 1:1 scale snake sketch/printouts to the cereal box. poke holes through both with a straight pin. If you poke yourself.... HAH! I did too. It happens. Remove the tape and paper. Using an exacto knife cut the snake out of the cardstock taking care to protect inside the line as the cutout snake is your stencil of sorts.

Step 2: Applying the Snake

Using loops of tape secure the snake cutout to the jacket. Trace the outer edge with a water soluable white map or tailors pencil. Carefully paint inside the lines.  Believe it or not this was done with a nailpolish brush and a mason jar lid full of ivy green krylon, krylon is more wasteland appropriate and will slightly crack and age. If you want a longer lasting (cracks less) paint use any brand of spraypaint meant for leather. Don't ask me what brand name, ask google product search.

Step 3: Adding the Details

This part Makes or breaks the snake. HAH that was a terrible rhyme scheme. This is all artistic ability. Use your own discretionm, Copy mine or use your own. I did my detail with a VERY fine paint brush (I lie I'm poor, used a toothpick. But a brush would be much smarter) and a few paint markers.

Step 4: Last Details

This step Also depends on artistic skill. Paint marker the rest of the details on. If your not up to the task of making it E-mail me and I'll make one complete with studs. Pip boy and Tunnel snake vault suit coming soon.

Step 5:

The hair is crucial.........

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1 year ago

Tunnel Snakes Drool,Atom Cats Rule! ;-) But Seriously nice job! I did mine with Acrylics on leather.


5 years ago on Introduction

I think I could do everything but the final detailing. Is it at all possible for me to send you the half finished jacket and you finish it up?

1 reply

Working on a remold of the special edition pip boy. ran out of brushe to apply silicone with. hoping to sell one or two of the re-molds.


9 years ago on Introduction

I think it looks fantastic! But I have seen it before. It's me LIBERTYprime from wastelandoutpost. I think this is a very informative and well put together instructable. I myself would have no problem following your steps. Great Job!


9 years ago on Introduction

i think it's just 'cause it doesn't have enough LEDs for some people around here... don't worry, you'll get some input as time goes on. personally, i liked it. i just don't have much use for it at the moment, though.